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Koya Evangelical Social Service Society(kesss.org)

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KESSS was founded by Bishop.Elisha in the year 2004 March 9th . He is a native Indian missionary at the age of 12 years he was suffering with TB and it is severe in condition and last in stage Doctor lift up there hands and told that they cannot do any thing . Then his parents took him to Near by Church and prayed a lot then Jesus raised me from the point of death and talked to him and gave him a new life . Then he started his mission work where God led him.

Now he working for Gospel, As God led him to Other state where More tribes need to be saved Now he preaching Word of God among them . Only he started this church with 3 trible believers who don’t know the language but even facing difficulties he continued now its running with 28 believers . Now he trying to give Bible training to some Native Missionaries reason is that they know their standard, culture and Language. He is also planning to start Orphanage if any one helps him here in tribe . KESSS is “holding Gospel in one hand and bread in the other hand.” KESSS is engaged in many ministerial activities to include planting churches, operating Bible colleges, educating and housing orphans and handicapped children, providing a home for the aged and the poorest, providing medical care for lepers, conducting free medical clinics, drilling water wells, offering vocational training and performing other humanitarian services as the Lord opens doors.

Bishop: Elisha, India.




Our KESSS Mission is a Tribal Organization. Our Main AIM to Provide Education to the Orphans by Orphans care and Helping widows with Rice and Blankets etc. with WIDOWS CARE. Providing free medical camp to the Leprosy patient’s with LEPERS CARE. Helping the poor by SELF HELP PROJECT so that able to Help themselves. Giving fresh and Clean water to Many Tribal Villages with Bore wells by the Name of JESUS LIFE SAVERS. By Establishing EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATION INSTITUTIONS we can provide Better Education to Many poor and Orphans those who unable to pay large amounts. By providing FREE MEDICAL CAMP many Patients in the Tribal villages getting medicines. By Handicapped Home we are able to Help Many people by food, accommodation etc. Many Old people are neglected from theirs sons and families when they enter into the old age stage. We are able to help them by OLDAGE HOMES. We help many Women and Child by importing them knowledge and providing Rice and Blankets by WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT. We buy land and Cultivate it with different crops and develop it for the future use for mission with LAND DEVELOPMENT. We can provide a free Bible studies classes to the poor Missionaries those who were unable to go and obtain studies in other Bible colleges who takes huge amount. Our mission Helps Many People affected by flood,tsunami Fire accidents with their needs by HUMANITARIAN WORK.By conducting training we can import Gospel knowledge to the missionaries and other leaders with LEADERSHIP TRAINNING. We propagate Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the people on various groups o tribal areas. To convey the Love of Jesus Christ to all the people by EVANGILISM. Establishing churches and prayers centers carry the services to fulfill spiritual needs of Gospel un-reached people in the society by CHURCH PLANTING.

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