5 Traits of a Great Real Estate Team

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Any real estate team’s success depends on the core group of players and their individual skillset. There are many permutations in how these skill sets can align, and it’s up to you which one you seek out. 

You may be looking for a team that specializes in both residential and commercial markets or maybe just one with extensive knowledge about short sales. 

There are countless ways to settle on the perfect combination. However, when it comes to finding a great real estate team, you should always focus on their collective strengths. Here are five traits of a great real estate team.

1. Strong leadership

This may seem like it’s a given, but it is an asset to the team when your real estate agent has the ability and desire to lead. The best real estate agents will have all they need to be powerful leaders. Great leaders have self-esteem, passion, and confidence. 

They are also decisive and can express their thoughts clearly and consistently. Developing this trait is key for any real estate team because strong leadership creates a safe environment for everyone in the group, including yourself, to grow together.

Strong leadership enables a team to communicate effectively amongst all the members and share information effectively. Leaders can also build team chemistry, which will help create a great work environment for your team.

2. Great Recruiting

Building a great real estate team will have a strong recruiting process in place. Recruiting is a team’s method to get new members and represent those who have joined. A strong recruiting pipeline will ensure your team can grow and maintain its ranks. 

An effective recruiting strategy will use a variety of channels, including social media and word-of-mouth. Your real estate team should be able to develop a system of converting leads into clients by leveraging these resources. Here are important recruits for a real estate team that you should target:

Transaction Coordinator

In real estate, a transaction coordinator is a person who is responsible for arranging the details of the property, closing documents, and all aspects that are involved in a real estate transaction. The main responsibilities of a transaction coordinator are to:

  • Conduct research on the property.
  • Schedule and arrange home showings.
  • Coordinate with the real estate agent, escrow officer, and title company.

Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

A real estate ISA broker specializing in selling a real estate brokerage and the agents within that brokerage. The ISA specializes in bringing in new business but manages current relationships and renewals and works to close out existing business. This agent is also a lead generator, which means they can sell referrals to other agents in the company.

Admin Assistant

Your real estate team will need plenty of support in the office, especially when working with their clients. An admin assistant will help ensure that all the members have what they need to do their job effectively. They will also work on secretarial tasks, such as typing up reports and keeping documentation in good order.

Buyer’s Agents

Buyer’s agents are real estate agents that help their customers when searching for a house. Buyer’s agents can also be used in a partnership with the buyer and seller to help create communication and prepare for closing. 

The writing, speaking, and market knowledge of a buyer’s agent should be exceptional. These agents can also have an extremely valuable skill set; they can help you negotiate with the seller of your property and get the best deal possible for you.

Showing Assistant

An excellent experience for the buyers they are assisting is what a showing assistant’s goal is. It’s important to have someone who can assist buyers in making decisions, as well as answer any questions they may have during the process. 

Showing assistants should also be able to provide information about their real estate team and let buyers know that their work is safe with their real estate agent.

3. Lead Generation Systems

A great real estate team should have a lead generation system in place. Because they are looking to bring potential clients into the company, they will have to have a proven method of bringing leads into their office. A good lead generation system is mainly composed of two elements: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and direct mail. 

SEO’s purpose is to increase your website’s visibility so that people looking for your services can find you easily. Direct mail is also important because it includes targeted mailing lists with people who could be looking for your services.

4. Amazing Real Estate Team Environment

You should look for a good work environment for a real estate team. Great real estate teams will have friendly, energetic, and supportive staff in the office. They should also be able to communicate effectively and share information freely. 

When team members feel free to voice their thoughts and opinions, the team is working well. A good team environment is a key to helping a real estate team operate in the most efficient manner possible. 

Every team member will be more motivated to reach their objectives if they believe they are an important contributor to the group and a member of the family. The team’s overall success is a result of this.

5. Strong Branding/Marketing

In the world of real estate, a successful team needs a solid branding and marketing plan. It is important that your team has great branding and marketing tools if they are looking to attract new clients. 

People will think of you when they hear the name Realestateteam.com or Realestateteam.com, which will prompt them to get in touch with your business or visit your website or blog. A strong brand has a logo, slogan, and design/color scheme. 

It is also important for your team to have a functional, clean, and easy-to-navigate website. You should look for a real estate team with a website up and running, as well as other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These are all great ways to share information, connect with potential clients and update your team members.


Real estate is one of the most rewarding career choices that you can make. A good real estate agent will put in time and effort to make their real estate team as successful as possible. A real estate team is not the same as a franchise, so you will have to put in some effort to find the perfect real estate team. 

The most important thing you can do is evaluate your individual needs and ensure that your real estate team has all the tools necessary for success. A good real estate team should be able to put together a plan for attracting clients and developing a relationship with them.


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