The Ultimate Guide to Berlin News Agency

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What is berlin news agency?

Berlin News Agency is a news agency, founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany. It provides specialized and independent coverage of German-speaking countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whereas other news agencies have an editorial focus on single regions or countries, Berlin News Agency has an international perspective that combines national and local content into one European-wide product.

The founder is Christian Spitzner.
The topics include politics and business as well as culture and society, but also lifestyle and sports are included along with finance and economics for those who are interested in the global economy or want to find the latest business deals around the world.

What is the role of berlin news agency?

The Berlin News Agency is working as one of the leading specialized Information Service about current topics for politics, business and culture. The Berlin News Agency offers news on a daily basis. The content is published on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines and also distributed via SMS, e-mail, social media channels and various Apps.

The extensive network of correspondents makes it possible to provide coverage 24 hours a day. Its offices are located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but also globally in New York City. Berlin News Agency offers information on current topics to both private subscribers as well as several large companies such as Microsoft, Siemens or IBM. Regular partners are Forbes Magazine, Die Zeit newspaper or Stern Magazine.

What are the advantages?

Berlin News Agency provides accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date news coverage. It is available in German and English. In the end, it’s all about the customers because they are king. The Berlin News Agency has developed The right news model for its customers in order to keep them happy and up to date. For example, they can choose between a free or a paid subscription in order to receive their desired service as well as customized information boxes which deal with specific topics of interest or by using the latest products such as social media channels or mobile applications .

What are the disadvantages?

Competition is sometimes a problem especially in the area of local newspapers and radio stations. However, this has managed to form a good relationship with these other institutions. They trust each other and help each other when there is a story that nobody has information about.

The most important skills:

It takes hard work and intelligence to be able to get all the latest news about politics, culture and business. Maybe it also takes some luck sometimes but at least you will never know if you don’t try. Another very important thing is patience because as Berlin News Agency’s owner Christian Spitzner once said “good journalism needs time”. This means that you should never stop reporting and always find new ways to improve your service.


There is no doubt that a news agency is a trustworthy source of news. It has become an important part of our society today. It seems like there is no competition when it comes to this Agency because it provides the latest news and information in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Berlin News Agencies have been founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany. Their predecessor was the European-American Press Service, which started in 1994. The main topics are politics, business and culture but also sports and lifestyle such as economy or fashion are part of their coverage as well.


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