What We Got Wrong About Black and Yellow Snake?

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What is black and yellow snake?

Black and yellow snake is a well-known urban legend, but the story has been disproven. In the 1950s, a case study about it was published by “The Journal of Abnormal Psychology,” titled “The Black Snake: An Elementary Study in Projective Identification.” The study showed that most people who told these stories were hiding their own fear of snakes.

This blog post refutes that article’s findings as not being true and explains why the black and yellow snake might be an urban legend instead. If you would like to learn more about this topic, please visit www.snakebluesisters.

Where can you get black and yellow snake?

One of the most popular places to find black and yellow snake is the Animal Planet. You can watch the documentary online, or purchase it (DVD). Idaho is also said to be a place where black and yellow snakes can be found.

Animal Planet says it is common in Idaho, but most sources say that black and yellow snakes can be found in nearly every state in the United States. Some people keep them as pets, but almost all sources say this is not possible because if you aren’t a venomous snake expert or have had an extensive background of handling snakes as a profession, your chances are very low.

What does it look like?

Most descriptions range from 8-18 feet in length with a body about 2 inches in diameter, and “the head was shaped like a wedge.” The color ranges from solid grey to bluish-black with yellow spots, reddish eyes, and forked tongues. It has been described as looking “like an oil slick.” Most say that when it looks at you the eyes seem to have human intelligence behind them.

What is the cost of black and yellow snake?

The snake is said to be worth a lot of money, with one source saying that it was sold for $100,000 dollars. The “Journal of Abnormal Psychology” however says that in the 1950s the snake was worth only $25 and most others say they are worth around $50.

What are the features of black and yellow snake?

This is what has been said about the black and yellow snake. They are very fast and quiet. Also they are around 8-18 feet in length, but the tail consists of only 7 to 8 inches. The rest of the length of the snake is made up by its body. When coiled, their body is 2 inches in diameter with a triangular face and short neck. Their skin varies from solid grey to bluish-black with yellow spots, reddish eyes, and forked tongues. They have no scales either, but instead have a loose membrane that works like a skin and can be felt when you touch it.

What is the use?

The use of the black and yellow snake is to be a pet. They are said to be very aggressive and will fly into a rage quickly, especially if they don’t get fed. One source said it would eat anything that moves that it can put its mouth around. Many others say it is strictly a carnivorous animal, but also feeds on eggs of other snakes. Another source says that black and yellow snakes can see in the dark and eat other snakes as well as birds, mice, frogs, lizards, and even bats. There are also mentions of them eating rodents such as chipmunks, squirrels, rats or mice.


The most common sources of information about black and yellow snakes are from documentaries from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. There is a lot of debate about whether the snake is real or not. Some believe it to be a hoax. Other sources say that it has been seen in Idaho. While others claim they are found naturally in almost every state. There are also many debates as to what the snake looks like. What kind of damage it can do and how much it is worth. Many people have also tried to find “the black snake” with no success. But instead get bitten by another type of venomous snake.

In 2007 there was a video on You Tube that went viral titled ‘The Black Snake’. It was a video of a black snake from Idaho moving on the ground. Now, there are many other videos on You Tube with similar titles that are hoaxes or fake videos. But in 2007 it was believed to be the real thing. A black and yellow snake. In 2011 the Snopes website released an article about whether the “black snake” video is real or not. And this is what they found:


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