The Tldr of Breaking News Background

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What is breaking news background?

Breaking news background is a type of journalism that is typically sent to the public via various media in order to report on events that have taken place or are taking place at the time of the event. Often, breaking news will be reported by mainstream media outlets and broadcast or published live on radio, television, or newspapers.

What kind of events are you talking about?

Breaking News can refer to any type of event from an illness by a world leader like swine flu, a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tornado, conflict reporting like military combat between two forces in either war zone abroad or domestic violence in Detroit.

What are the advantages of breaking news background?

The public can learn about new events that have or are taking place as they happen by receiving breaking news background. In addition to reporting on current happenings, breaking news background is also used to summarize previous news broadcasts, print publications or events.

Breaking News Background is not the same as the other formats of journalism like:

Game News- this format is normally used for sports broadcasting. Also often reports on game statistics, scores and outcomes. This type of journalism does not usually include background information about the event itself but rather about the teams involved in particular games.
Features- features are articles that report on a wide variety of topics from entertainment to politics but generally do not include regularity in reporting.

What are the disadvantages?

There are many disadvantages to breaking news background. The most common difficulty of this type of journalism is that it is not reliable, as the story could be subject to both delays in reporting and to reporting inaccuracies.

How do I learn more?

As a journalism student or journalist. Also you may have experience a time where you have been assign. To report on an event in your community. This event could either be something that does not often happen. Such as a large fire or something that has happened before. But usually forgotten by the public such as a natural disaster. There are also other times. When your team may have been assign to cover an important news item. In real time, e.g. a strike, protest, or event. Although this news is typically send out to the public at a certain time. It can be useful for students to know that they may use this type of journalism in their future careers.


Evidently, the advantages and disadvantages of this news have been discuss in this article. However, many other advantages with breaking news background have not been mention. In future articles, these benefits and disadvantages will be address. In further detail to give the reader more context to better understand the value of this type of journalism.


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