Do You Suffer from Knee Pain? Regenerative Medicine Can Be the Solution

Knee Pain

Knee pain can deteriorate if not treated properly. If you have knee pain, you cannot avoid seeing a doctor or medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. Your knee pain can be the outcome of overuse of the limb, arthritis condition, or injury. No matter the reason, you cannot live your life peacefully until your pain improves. Sitting and getting up from your seat can feel like a struggle. You may not like walking much because it hurts. Essentially, it can draw your attention away from everything, which might not be pleasant to experience. Hence, don’t overlook your knee’s pain. You have to recover from it before facing any more trouble. 

Knee pain symptoms 

You can have many hints when your knees start giving you trouble. Stiffness and swelling can be the most common. You can also experience some form of inflammation. Even weak and unstable knees are a concern. It can affect your balance. Sometimes, knees produce crunching or popping sounds when you move. These also indicate weakness of the knees. Then, if you struggle to stretch your knees completely, it can be another reason to seek treatment. 

Causes of knee pain

As hinted, anything from simple overuse to severe conditions such as arthritis or ligament damage can be the culprits. People often complain about this after an injury or repetitive motion that strains the knee joint. Then, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to this, especially in older adults. Other causes of knee pain include bursitis, tendinitis, and gout. You can also think of fracture, tumor, or infection. As the reasons tend to be varied, you can expect their treatment to vary. You can find some relief with rest, ice, and OTC pain relievers. But these may not be the full-proof solution. 

Knee replacement or surgery can feel like a nightmare. There is no guarantee that your knee will be able to restore its normal function even after this. So, what’s the alternative? Have you heard of regenerative therapy? You can check with QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) for help. 

What is regenerative therapy?

A therapist can use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stem cell injections to advance the healing process. This therapy uses the body’s healing systems to repair damaged tissue. Since PRP involves using a patient’s blood, the risk of infection or something going wrong remains almost negligible. Instead, it can speed up your recovery. Similarly, stem cells can repair your tissues faster when injected into the knee by regenerating healthy cells. It is an advanced technology for athletes and others who lost their quality of life to knee pain and suffering. You can depend on this treatment to once again lead a routine that is free of pain and limitations.

Anyway, before deciding anything, it is better to take expert opinions. You can visit a place that specializes in this treatment for guidance. They can address your doubts with proper recommendations for your condition. And this therapy is not just for the knee; you can benefit from it in multiple other areas. So, it can be worth understanding more about it.


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