6 Fascinating Reasons People Like Elk River Star News

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What is elk river star news?

The Elk River Star News is a newspaper based out of Elk River, MN – a suburb of the Twin Cities. The newspaper is distributed twice every week on Wednesday and Saturday mornings to about 8,000 homes in the area.

What does elk river star news publish?

We publish articles related to local government, business happenings, community events and updates from various organizations. We also offer weekly features covering local cuisine and entertainment options in the area among other topics of interest.

What is the role of elk river star news?

Our role is to inform the readers of Elk River living and breathing conditions, issues and events that are happening in the area. The ownership and editorial process of this news is a cooperative effort between Elk River residents and journalism students from the University of Minnesota.

Will elk river star news run advertisements?

Yes, we will run advertisements for local businesses, organizations and events in our newspaper twice a week as long as they abide by all journalistic ethics. We also offer our potential advertisers a means for running ads in our publication through the use of classified ads on page 19 of each issue.

What are the advantages?

Advertising is an excellent way to promote your business and product in the newspaper. It offers a quality medium for advertising. We have a stable circulation base which means more readers and an increase in advertising revenue.

What are the responsibilities of elk river star news?

The editor of this news will be chosen by the group through their democratic process from all emails received through our website, Facebook or our email newsletter that goes out twice per week. The editor has the responsibility of interviewing and publishing articles from community leaders, businesses and organizations once or twice a week as well as requesting advertisements for local businesses within their coverage area (see above). These articles will be published on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What are the disadvantages?

One disadvantage that comes with news is the lack of monetary compensation. Although some may consider this an advantage, we still need to focus on making money for our business. Advertising is the main source of revenue for this news. The editor will have the responsibility of contacting local businesses and organizations in order to solicit ads from them at least once a week.


It has many advantages to anyone who wants to advertise in our publication or simply be inform of what is going on in the area. With two issues a week and our online presence. This News can offer a wealth of information from community leaders and organizations as well as local businesses.

Elk river star news is the community’s local source of information. As stated before, it provides you with important updates on community events. Also government and even local businesses, organizations and restaurants. This news also offers you an opportunity to advertise your business through its classified ads section.


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