The Sick Truth of How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley

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How to get clay in stardew valley?

How to get clay in stardew valley, is a question that we would love to know about. Clay is a type of material you find in Stardew valley. It’s very common in some areas and rarer in others. You can buy it at the general store, or trade for it with Pierre at the general store and Fletcher at the observatory. Some people would argue that clay is not worth farming because there are so many different crops you can grow instead, while others will say that clay isn’t worth farming because it takes forever and only gives small amounts of coins per day when selling to Gus (the shopkeeper) or Pierre.

What are the advantages ?

Clay is a material that you can use to make decorations and upgrades at Robin’s shop. You can make certain buildings available that aren’t otherwise. Also you can make your items like pots, ovens, etc. You can sell the clay for coins and it’s sold at the general store. It may take a while to find where clay is in stardew valley, because it’s not as common as other items but you can easily farm it when you know where to look.

What are the disadvantages of how to get clay in stardew valley ?

It takes a long time to farm, if you’re just looking for something you can sell to the shop or Pierre it’s not really worth it. Clay is expensive and gives little money per day when selling at the general store. It won’t give enough money to pay for its own maintenance costs unless you buy from Pierre or craft something (and even then, only if you sell it for more than 200 gold coins).

Clay is very specific in what it can be used for. You cannot use it to make food, explosives, machinery or furnaces. Many people think that the gold mine upgrade is better than growing clay because you can sell the gold to Pierre, but in order to get the upgrade you need to build work platforms, which requires soil and sand (or dirt), so if you want a clay farm you have to have all three upgraded at the same time.

What makes it so unique?

Generally speaking, Clay is the material people build things with. You can see giant clay statues of the characters in Stardew Valley all over the place and yet we still don’t know how to get it! We’ve searched high and low to try and find answers to this age-old question, but are unable to find conclusive information. But here is what we’ve found:

How does it work?

It’s likely that Clay works a little like other materials in the game – you can mine clay from the ground, but it’s more efficient to pay Pierre (the general store owner) or Fletcher (the stardew valley observatory owner) to purchase a bag of clay once per day.


If you’re looking to get Clay in Stardew valley, the best place to look is Pierre. He’s the only person who sells it and he will sell it for around 10 gold coins per bag. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. People have found clay in the General Store, the Town Square or the Old Farm. The Mines, where it appears to be present only as an accident. The Mine is an area that requires a Gold Rush level of profession to enter. It also appears to be reserved for NPCs (non-player characters). There are a few specific areas where Clay is found in bundles and then sold for 150g each – but these are sometimes at random across the map.


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