How to get more student enrollments to your online course: tips to follow 

student enrollments

With the growing technology and advancement in science, online education is spreading at a faster rate. Leaving behind the conventional methods of education, students prefer online courses more. This is because online education gives better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness to students. 

Seeing this, today many educators launch online courses for students. Platforms to create and sell online courses are increasing day by day. In such tough competition, to make students prefer your course over the other, following the right professional and working strategies are important. Let us discuss some effective tips that creators can follow to get more enrollments in their online courses. 

Tips for educators to get more student enrollments in their online courses

1. Make more social media content

Today’s kids are highly involved with technology. They use social media quite frequently. To reach out to more learners, making social media accounts on all platforms is beneficial. Only making social media accounts is not enough. You need to get a good engagement rate for which making creative content is important. 

Explore well, be innovative and be a good social media content creator. Make short videos on study hacks, study tricks, advantages of choosing your online course, and many other topics. Also, you can make picture cards, and templates and upload these on your social media accounts. Be active and upload this content regularly. This will catch students’ attention and make them more into opting for your courses. 

2. Give free demo classes

Another way to get more admissions to your online course is by giving demo sessions. Sometimes students stay confused or have wrong assumptions about your course. This can affect your course admission rate. One solution to this problem is giving trial classes to students. By getting demo classes, students will get an idea about what is the teaching pattern, facilities offered, and more. Try to set the first impression as a positive and effective one. 

3. Conduct surveys, seek feedback 

To get more admissions in your online course, making it different, unique, and best among all other options is very important. To do so, taking feedback from the learners is important. Make survey forms and get them filled out by students. 

On your course website, you can upload the link to the survey form to get it filled out by internet users. Include all the necessary questions related to education and administration. Later collect and combine the survey data. See what is the response, what you are good at, and where your course is lagging. Plan well and later take necessary steps for improvement and betterment. 

4. Make your website

Another way to make online courses more successful professionally, educators must use technology. Before joining any course or educational institution, students research well on the internet. To reach out to students better and let them know about your course, developing your website is quite effective. Meet a software developer or research well to develop your course website.

Now here, be as informative as possible. Before coming to any conclusion and decision,  parents and students need to know all the necessary details. When they will visit your website and get all the information in hand easily, the chances of getting more admissions easily. This online course selling website will surely work for the professional and financial growth of the creators. 

5. Have affordable course fee

The budget plays an important role in education. When the course fees are expensive, it becomes difficult for parents and students to pay. Hence they will start looking for cheaper alternatives. To win this competition and get more enrollments in your course, make sure to set an affordable fee structure. Research properly, plan well, use the easily available resources and conduct a course that is budget-friendly for all students. You can release some offers, vouchers, complimentary packages, and more. This will catch the attention of more students. 


In the digital world we are living in, online courses are increasing rapidly. There is a tough competition going on in online teaching courses. By following the above-mentioned tips, educators can make their online courses effective and more preferred among the students. This will get more student enrollment in your online courses. This will contribute to the professional and financial growth of the educators. 



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