8 Fascinating Reasons People Like How to Say What in Spanish.

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How to say what in spanish?

How to say what in spanish, is something that we learn when we go to spanish classes. We spend hours in there trying to learn how to say what in spanish. But how many of us actually remember everything? Do you know the four ways to say “what” in spanish? In this article, I am going to go over some interesting facts about why people like how to say what in spanish. It will be an insightful read for those who are interested in learning more about the different reasons people like how to say what in Spanish. So lets get started!

What are the importance of learning spanish?

It is a fact that learning spanish can be beneficial for us in many different ways. Having a solid knowledge of the global language that is spoken by so many people around the world can be beneficial for one’s career. Some jobs require this language skills either as part of the work-place requirements or to meet certain qualifications for employment. Learning how to say what will also aid individuals in improving their conversation with others as well as starting up conversations with people they meet on daily basis, either at work or at school.

What are the advantages of how to say what in spanish?

It is evident that speaking this language improves a persons job market value. The United States is experiencing an increase in the number of Spanish speaking people. According to the US Census of 2000, there are approximately 35 million people who speak Spanish as their primary language. In some states like California, Texas and New York, Spanish was spoken by 10% or more of the population.

What is how to say what in spanish?

We use this in everyday conversation or while having conversations or learning new spanish words. We can use “what” as an interrogative pronoun and as an adverb. As an interrogative pronoun, the word “what” is used in questions which require a specific response or an answer. We can use this to ask for details about persons, places, objects and events that are not known or recognized. You can also use this when you want to ask questions about a specific person’s job or career, you can also use it when you want to know what someone does for a living.

What are examples ?

We use the phrase “que es” as “what is it?” You may hear native speakers asking one another with this phrase when trying to determine what something looks like. For example, if you ask a native speaker what an object is and they can’t tell, they may ask you “que es?”


So there you have it, these are some really interesting facts to know about how to say what. It’s one of the most important words that you can learn and one that is used all the time. The four ways that we use the word “what” in Spanish are “que es”, “que?, cómo?” and “¿qué?”. The last one is also known as a question tag. It’s used to help start conversations, rather than asking for information about something, it can be used when wanting to know what something is. This can be helpful in asking a waitress at a restaurant where the coffee is or some other type of questions they may get asked while being at work. So if you have been having difficulty with how to say what in Spanish, this article should help you out.


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