A Deep Dive Into Lahontan Valley News

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What is lahontan valley news?

Lahontan Valley News is a small local newspaper with a big impact on tourism and commerce. Published in the remote community of Minden, NV, LAHON has been taking home awards for excellence in design and journalism since 2009.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our readers have to say about us:
“I love receiving LAHON every day! It’s like getting to visit with long-lost friends all over again.” “I always enjoy reading your headline.” “Good Job!” All of these quotes are from recent letters we received from our readers.

What is the role of lahontan valley news?

The role of LAHON is to provide a type of news that reflects the local culture and environment. We don’t want to be “just another newspaper”, we want our readers to feel like they’re part of the paper. Our readership consists of tourists, locals, travelers, and businesspeople. And because of our location in a small rural community it is also very important for us to help people find our businesses and stay connected with friends and family.

What are the advantages?

There are several advantages to reading LAHON in the remote community of Minden, NV:
LAHON produces the best local news in a small town.
LAHON helps people find our business and stay connected with friends and family.
It provides our readers with world-class design and journalism.
The content of our paper is 100% locally produced.
We offer lots of fun extras like “The Monday Mystery” and “The Thursday Night Lineup”.

What are the disadvantages?

Reading LAHON in the remote community of Minden, NV can be a bit inconvenient for some people. There are several tradeoffs with this format:
Our cost to produce the paper is much higher than more traditional newspapers.
We don’t have a color newspaper so coverage areas, pictures and graphics are limited.
LAHON doesn’t have “traditional” features like classified ads or obituaries, but we’d be happy to add a classified ad section in the future.

What makes it so unique?

LAHON has several unique features that set us apart from other newspapers:
· Our design is clean and modern, yet it’s not “too flashy”: It looks great on a coffee table or holds up well in a purse or backpack.
· We are a small local newspaper so our circulation is limited to the local area. (By contrast, the Reno Gazette-Journal has a circulation of over 237,000.)
· We have small classifications – instead of categories like “jobs”, we have sections like “Business Services”, “Health” and “Accommodations”.
· Our paper is produced in-house by our dedicated staff. (By contrast, many newspapers use professional bureaus to print their paper.


In conclusion, we believe that LAHON is a great newspaper for the community of Minden, NV. Our paper is produced with great care and everyone who works on it loves what they do. It’s not “just another newspaper”, but its journalism and design are designed to make people feel good about bringing a paper to their hometown.


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