Everything About Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow.

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Why are lemon tree leaves turning yellow?

Lemon tree leaves turning yellow when the lemon tree is getting too much sunshine during their critical development stage (photosynthesis). This is the reason why indoor plants have to be placed inside the house’s shade. As soon as we come home, we have to place our plant in a cool and dark area so it can rest in its natural environment until it starts producing green leaves again. The yellowing of lemon tree leaves is not caused by any disease or insect bites.

When can we see lemon tree leaves turning yellow?

When the lemon tree is grown outdoors or in a garden, it can produce good fresh lemon (orange) fruits in a relatively short period of time. However, if we grow indoor lemon trees indoors and they are exposed to the full sun light, then they will start turning yellow in a few weeks once they reach the flowering stage.

The first color change will be observed on the leaves after a couple of weeks. After that, you may notice that some leaves are turning yellow while others are still green. Then, as soon as the fruit season starts approaching and the lemon fruits start forming on some branches (leaves) of your indoor lemon tree, you’ll see that those branches suddenly turn yellow inside.

What are features?

As a general rule, you’ll know that the lemon tree leaves who are closest to the lemon fruit are turning yellow. The yellow color spreads to other leaves shortly after it appears on the lower branches. The fallen leaves form large piles on the ground around your indoor lemon tree. We need to understand that if our indoor lemon tree is growing in a sunny environment, then we have to adjust our plant’s environment so it can grow well and produce more fruits next season. Here are some tips for you: Try placing your plant in a shady area inside the house and avoid exposing your plant to direct sun light when you water the plant for next few months .

What are the benefits?

Your indoor lemon tree will start producing more lemons again in a few months. The yellow leaves are simply reflecting the sun light that they are receiving inside your house. If you observe your lemon plant, you’ll notice that the dark green colored leaves are formed by side branches and some small branches. The leaves that have just turned yellow have not lost their color yet, so they still reflect green color.

When should we prune our indoor lemon tree?

We need to prune our indoor lemon tree regularly. Also it’s very important to prune your indoor lemon trees early during the season. Lemon fruits can be harvested in a relatively short period of time so you need to start pruning your indoor lemon tree from the beginning of their growing season.

We have 2 options. First option is to prune the whole lemon tree. And let only 2 or 3 branches grow for the first 6 months. This will allow our indoor lemon tree to produce more lemons and give us more room for pruning once we need to adjust our plant’s environment during its fruit season. The second option is just trimming off some branches each month on the branch tips.


When our indoor lemon tree is growing in a sunny area inside the house. Then it will not produce fruit for next 2 or 3 years. So, we need to make an adjustment in our lemon plant’s environment (shade). Also trimming the interior branches early during their growing season. In most of tropical countries where indoor lemon trees are grown. They don’t have many other indoor plant choices as they prefer to grow them indoors as well. Here is why: Lemon trees need shade to grow properly and produce fruits inside houses in a controlled environment. Which gives us more control over the growth cycle of our lemon trees. Lemon tree leaves turning yellow will not kill your indoor lemon trees. If you follow these tips, your indoor lemon tree will start producing fresh lemons again in a few months.


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