An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for News Shooting

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What is news shooting?

News shooting, also known as “live” and “breaking,” is the use of a live video stream to broadcast news as it happens. We specialize in streaming news for TV, social media and mobile devices – all at the same time. Our client list includes BloombergTV, BBC News and France 24 just to name a few. We’ve even supported CNN’s live feed during this year’s Republican National Convention!

What is the use of news shooting?

Live streaming video is becoming increasingly important for news organizations because it allows viewers to get live reports in real-time, whether or not a journalist is actually on the scene. With news shooting, broadcasters can stream video from a handheld video camera or a camera on a fixed mount (Think of the famous “bucket” cameras used by journalists covering sports.)

Are there other uses of news shooting?

News shooting is not just limited to breaking news. Shooting with an accompanying audio track and text tracks allows journalists to deliver full stories using less resources. We’ve even seen news organizations using news shooting to shoot entertainment, lifestyle and even cooking shows. In all cases, news organizations can stream video directly to their website or a mobile device without the hassle of editing.

How can I use news shooting?

News organizations are increasingly looking for ways to stream live video both on demand and in real-time. Shooting in the field with an iPhone or GoPro is great. But live streaming those devices takes too long and costs too much. There are a number of set-top encoders that you can use in your studio or at the press conference but they require specialized knowledge and expensive streaming media infrastructure that not every broadcast organization has access to.

What are the advantages?

No special equipment is required ( See what we do with our GoPro ) No need for a pre-packaged streaming media solution. We can create any type of streaming video content, in any format, for every type of client.

What are the costs?

Because you control the entire media production process – from camera, to editing and even finished product – there are no upfront costs. This allows you to react quickly to your audience’s demands!

What are the possibilities?

News shooting is increasingly popular with our clients who use it in a wide range of applications from broadcasting live from a disaster to talking heads in their studio. We even worked with a news organization that wanted to use news shootingof a live broadcast. Why? Because they wanted to be able to edit the show on the fly if it was way out of time, like when your guest is late for the interview or you have a technical problem!

What is possible in the future?

As more and more content moves online, news shooting will continue to grow in popularity. With technology moving forward at a rapid pace, we will continue to see new ways of presenting content on the Internet . One day we’ll be watching an NFL game online—but from alternate-angle camera angles instead of one feed.


We’ve done this a lot . We’ve done it with every conceivable camera and mobile device. We’re so confident in our ability to do this that we’re willing to say it out loud: we can do anything you can imagine with news shooting, for a lot less than other broadcasters are charging.


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