The Future of Sky News Australia Youtube

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What is sky news australia youtube?

Sky News Australia Youtube is a digital news platform that provides the latest in international, national and regional affairs for Australian audiences. It was founded on 22nd December 2005 by Sky News Australia Pty Ltd, an Australian media company with divisions including news and current affairs television, newspapers, radio and online services.

Sky News offers live coverage of domestic and world events to an audience of 5 million Australians nationwide each week. It also has audiences in New Zealand (TV3), Europe (Astra 1M) and North America (Dish TV). The channel is available 24 hours a day on Foxtel; the subscription television service owned by Telstra.

What are the advantages of sky news australia youtube?

The channel has a staff of over 300 employees including newsreaders, reporters and producers. They work out of Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. Sky News Australia Youtube channel is one of the most watched digital news channel in Australia. Not only this, it is also the second most watched cable news provider in Australia after Fox News Australia.

What are the disadvantages of sky news australia youtube?

Advantages and disadvantages always come hand in hand. In case of Sky News Australia Youtube channel also it has both advantages as well as disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it has much fewer number of subscribers than its competitors such as BBC, CNN and Aljazeera English etc.

What is the role of this news?

The role of this news is to help the viewers understand about the latest and important news in Australia. The viewers can get information regarding the Australian news, weather and other important things in Australia.

What is the frequency of this news?

The frequency of this channel news is very high, as it covers all important events all over the world. But this channel is broadcasted through cable TV only. We do not see any news about this channel on satellite television. So it is one of the disadvantages of this channel.


This Youtube is a reliable news channel, that covers all the important events and also gives the latest update regarding the same. Though there are few disadvantages as well, but still it is one of the best channels. This channel is not available on satellite TV. The main disadvantage of this Youtube channel is that it has fewer subscribers than other global news channels like BBC, CNN and Aljazeera English etc.

Sky News Media Group (formerly known as Sky News Australia) was registered as a company limited by shares with effect from 6 January 1996. Its principal activity in Australia was broadcasting news via cable television services under the brand name “Sky News”.


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