The Surprising Truth About Spectrum News Syracuse

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What is spectrum news syracuse?

Spectrum News Syracuse is the motto of Spectrum News, a 24-hour cable news channel. It has been on air since 1998 and it boasts a viewership of over 950,000 in the New York metropolitan area.

It is historically known for its focus on providing news about politics, crime and human interest stories . But what is often overlooked by many viewers who watch this channel are its valuable investigative reports that delve into local scandals.

What makes Spectrum News Syracuse so exceptional?

At first glance, it’s not all that different from other cable channels with similar missions. But there are two important distinctions that make Spectrum stand out: First, it operates as a public service and Second: It’s non-partisan.

What are the advantages of spectrum news syracuse?

Since it is non-partisan, it can cover important stories without worrying about being accuse of political bias (since there is none).

What are the disadvantages of spectrum news syracuse?

Spectrum does have a few limitations. Because it is operate as a public service, Spectrum’s options for covering stories are limit. It cannot use resources from other Spectrum channels or news networks nor can it solicit donations from viewers and listeners…Since it operates “under the table,” this prevents Spectrum from amassing large amounts of funding to report on more significant news stories.

What is the role of this news?

Spectrum News Syracuse is the main source of news for the greater Syracuse area. It covers local events as they happen and provides an online broadcast of all local sporting events like college football and basketball, high school sports and professional sports from the NBA, NHL and MLB games.

What are its target audiences?

Spectrum News’ primary target audience is people who live in the greater Syracuse area. However, it also attracts viewers from around Central New York (including other cities like Utica, Binghamton and Ithaca).


Spectrum News is a valuable channel for anyone who lives in Central New York. It provides valuable, non-partisan news coverage of local events. It (also known as this News Central New York and abbreviate as SNCNY) is a regional news channel operate by Charter Communications through its News division and is based out of the facilities of Fox affiliate WSYT (channel 68) at 850 Harrison Street in Syracuse, New York. As the name suggests, it primarily serves viewers throughout central New York. But also covers portions of eastern Pennsylvania and western Massachusetts via the digital subchannels of its cable carriage.


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