What We Got Wrong About That’s News to Me Crossword

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What is that’s news to me crossword?

That’s News to Me is a crossword game that challenges solvers to guess the words in a grid containing clues. The original puzzles, which date back to 1937, are published by newspapers under this title. For example, the following clue: “My next sweet will be ____,” could be answered “apple”. The player thinks of four possible answers and then tries to find them by exploring the clues given in the puzzle. He or she can eliminate any of these guesses on finding contradictory information in other statements.

What is the use of that’s news to me crossword?

Through that’s news to me crossword, novice crossword players will be introduced to a skill that is essential for the more advanced players. There are some words in the clues (usually selected from the simple crosswords and fill-in-the-blank crosswords) that cannot be found by any other known method of solving crosswords. The novice player will often encounter such terms and wonder how to solve them. Once he/she has solved one, he/she can use this same technique in solving others; sooner or later the whole grid will reveal itself.

What are the advantages?

Many crossword publications have been published over many years. The original puzzles are no longer being printed. To make the game challenging, others are added to the mix and the clues need to be changed. Many players will find it easier to solve the puzzles than the original ones.

What is that’s news to me?

An apropos question for crossword solvers who love puzzles and enjoy trying new things. This game is not for those who want an easy puzzle and do not care how many of their friends know about it, or how long they take (or how badly they take) from their family and/or friends as well as school, work, etc.

What makes it so unique?

It is a crossword game that challenges, not one that simply requires you to say all the words/clues in a very short time. That’s News to Me is also a great tool for learning and enhancing vocabulary. Only after you encounter the obscure “that’s news to me” puzzle clues can you understand the magnitude of such words as “eyesore”, “fugue”, or “that’s news to me” itself. The real test of this game is how many people have heard of it, especially solvers who make it their hobby.

What are the disadvantages?

1. Some clues are challenging, even for a crossword player. For example, the clue “Can’t decide whether you’re on your back or in bed?” could be answered either “laid” or “lying”. The second option is correct, but “bed” in this case means the six horizontal lines of the grid itself.
2. The answers to some clues are virtually unknown to crossword solvers who have not encountered similar ones before, and are therefore unlikely to find them themselves.
3. Some clues give multiple answers, which can frustrate players if they are looking for one particular solution only and have no idea which one it is supposed to be.
4. If you do not know the word/s in a clue, then you can’t find the answer. For example: “Ever since [introduction]?” could be correctly answered by “sincerest”. But why would anyone want that?


That’s News to Me is not an easy crossword game. But it is a challenge that does not insult your intelligence and does not take very long (if you know where to look for clues in the puzzle) to solve. That’s News to Me has been featured in many newspapers and magazines all over the world, including over 60 ones on the Web, with more being added every day. There are now more than 250 books published on it by book publishers and self-publishers since 2001.


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