Unbelievable Things About Theme of the Yellow Wallpaper.

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What is theme of the yellow wallpaper?

The theme of the yellow wallpaper is not a color but more of a question. It’s one of many questions that are explored in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper”, which tells the story of an unnamed woman who, while recovering from severe depression, has been given an assignment by her therapist to write about each room in her house and its theme. The therapy quickly takes on nightmarish proportions and becomes almost too much for her to bear. This prompts her husband (who does not know about the assignment) to put up a yellow wallpaper in order for his wife to have some relief from it all.

What is the use of theme of the yellow wallpaper?

The use of the yellow wallpaper is to make the woman’s suffering more bearable and more comprehensible. The question that is at the center of this story is, in a way, what does she have to bear? Her mental anguish and physical pain. And I would argue that it makes sense for her to have a room that could be used as a place where she could escape her reality.

Where can you use it?

You could use the theme of the yellow wallpaper in so many areas. You can use it in your house especially if you make it a “no-go zone”. In a way you make any problem you’re facing to be more bearable and easier to cope with that is if there’s no wallpaper. You can use the theme of the yellow wallpaper in any situation where you want to portray a victim of a reality, who must come to terms with it by escaping into other, less painful, surrounding.

What does the wallpaper look like?

This is more of what I am suggesting for you to think about about, not what the actual wallpaper looks like. Think of every time where you have faced some kind of situation that was very difficult for you. What was your reaction exactly? For example, if you were to face a problem at work and it’s not going so well for you, you probably find yourself getting down about it. In that situation, what would it be like to have this wallpaper as your room? You know the things I just said about using the theme of the wallpaper to portray victim and entrap them into a reality where they can’t escape, but how would you do that and how would that change how you feel?

How would a victim of this reality use the yellow wallpaper?

The answer to that is that the wallpaper might in some cases be used as only a means to distract the person from what they are facing. For example, if you were the person who has to write about your house and you found yourself staring at a blank paper and found yourself not writing anything because you can’t get your mind off of something else, you could use this wallpaper as a way to distract yourself from it all. You/the woman would probably focus on looking at the pattern of the wallpaper and let her mind go wherever she wants it to go.


The theme of the yellow wallpaper would be a powerful, almost uncontrollable, way of objectifying the person who is experiencing it and would be a very difficult thing to get over. It would be something that you wouldn’t know how to deal with and possibly led you into even worse situations. In some cases, it may give you relief and make things easier for you but in other cases, it could make your reality that much harder to bear. Although it can do both these things depending on how you are using it, one thing remains true: You can only use this wallpaper in your own room.


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