Why Wholesale Hoodies Will Be A Shop’s Best Seller


As a small business owner, you’re always looking for innovative ways to increase sales and reach new customers. A profitable way to do this is by selling hoodies. 

Stocking up on a supply of wholesale hoodies and making custom products is a profitable way to diversify your inventory and create a steady source of income.

The pullover hoodie has a broad appeal for people of all genders. Comfy fleece pullovers, like this Bella + Canvas unisex hoodie, are top sellers right now. Shoppers are always looking for hoodies, especially during colder months.  

Here are the top reasons why wholesale hoodies are small business best sellers. 

Why are hoodies so popular?

Hoodies are incredibly prevalent thanks to the rise in streetwear and athleisure. Trend spotters forecast hoodies will continue to rise in popularity alongside the boom in athleisure fashion. So, what’s the appeal of this streetwear staple?

The hoodie is a beloved piece of clothing for many because it is versatile and comfortable. People can dress hoodies up or down for almost any occasion. They’re not constricting and get softer the more someone wears them. More people are even wearing hoodies in professional settings, like the office. 

Overall, the hoodie is here to stay because it’s a gender-neutral piece of clothing that works for any season. In addition, pullover hoodies make people feel warm, secure, and relaxed. 

Benefits of selling hoodies

So, you’re considering whether an inventory of wholesale hoodies will boost your bottom line? Take a look at these advantages.

They sell year-round

Hoodies are genuine evergreen products. There’s never an off-season for this famous piece of clothing. 

In addition, thanks to the rise of streetwear fashion, the hoodie has become a wardrobe staple for many. As a result, there’s always someone in the market for a new one, no matter the time of year.

Although sales typically dip during the warmer summer, keeping them in stock is still a good idea. Your brand will face less competition for new shoppers looking to refresh their look in the off-season.  

They are versatile and fashionable

From a shopper’s perspective, hoodies are one of the most versatile casualwear pieces. It’s a piece of clothing that shoppers can dress up, dress down, or layer for a unique look. 

Wholesale hoodies are also a versatile way to diversify your products. A wide variety of cuts, colors, and designs are available on most wholesale sites. Bulk order hoodies in a selection of trendy colors and silhouettes to appeal to a broader target audience. 

Higher profit margins

Buying wholesale hoodies in bulk is the most cost-effective way to boost your shop’s inventory. In addition, hoodies are highly profitable because you can easily find a high-quality wholesale supply for a relatively low price.

Because hoodies are so popular with shoppers, it’s worth splurging and buying them with modern cuts and softer fabric. Higher-quality hoodies may cost more when purchased in bulk, but you can mark them up more. In addition, customers love limited edition or custom hoodies and are willing to pay a premium for an exceptional product.   

They are easy to customize

Wholesale pullover hoodies are the perfect blank canvas. They are easy to customize with your brand’s logo or unique designs. 

There is plenty of space on a pullover hoodie to customize and make it your own. Print or embroider the hoodie’s front chest, pocket, or back for a unique twist on a classic cut. 

Look for a wholesale hoodie with a poly-cotton blend for the best printing results. Material with combed ringspun cotton creates a perfect, smooth base for any design and printing method, from DTG to sublimation. 

Wholesale hoodie products

The possibilities for new products are endless when you have a supply of high-quality wholesale hoodies. Also, because hoodies are so versatile, they are easy to customize for your brand. Here are some ideas for evergreen hoodie products. 

  • Brand logos: Logos and branded outerwear are trendy in streetwear fashion. Embroider a small brand logo on the top front corner of a hoodie, or screenprint a larger version of your brand on the back. 
  • Customization: Shoppers love personalized stuff. If your brand offers personalization, include hoodies in your lineup of products. People who plan company retreats, family reunions, and school events always look for practical items to customize. Why not a hoodie?
  • Artistic designs: Hoodies are great for printing artwork or graphic designs that speak to your brand’s aesthetic. Shoppers always want one-of-a-kind or limited edition hoodies to add to their collections.  

All of these product ideas are possible with wholesale hoodies. But, with some creativity, consistency, and patience, these can quickly become your brand’s best-selling products. 

How to choose the best wholesale hoodies

When shopping for the best wholesale hoodies, it’s essential to strike the right balance of quality and price. 

Consider factors that are important to your brand like:

  • Colors: Colors are a significant factor for customers when shopping for hoodies. Consider modern colors like a heather gray or a muted tan if your brand has a refined, classic aesthetic. Bold colors like neon green or primary colors convey more energy, which is perfect for athletic brands.
  • Fit & cut: Shoppers nowadays want more than a boxy, shapeless pullover. Find a wholesaler that offers hoodies with modern fits like cropped hems and drop-shoulder sleeves. These cuts are more comfortable and will elevate the luxury appeal of your brand.
  • Fabric: Fabric is a vital part of choosing the best wholesale hoodie. Look for hoodies made from a poly fleece or poly-cotton blend. In addition, make sure the cotton material is high-quality like ring-spun combed cotton. These fabrics ensure your hoodies will be buttery soft and have a luxurious, cozy feel. 

Do your research to find a wholesaler with a supply of hoodies that meet your criteria. Ask for referrals from your business network, read reviews online, and investigate the production practices of possible wholesalers. 

Launching a new product line takes time, grit, and dedication. But, investing in a steady inventory of wholesale hoodies is worth the effort. Your small business will see the benefits in no time.  


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