Women’s Euro 2022 Final Match


German national league is going to confront England in the final game of Europe Championships 2022 for women at the stadium of Wembley on Sunday. There is a heated argument concerning the prediction on its result considering the preparation of two rivals, but fans are still looking forward to assisting such a long-awaited event and can already place their bets on https://22bet.co.tz/

Stunning success of Germans on semi-finals 

As for the experts, they are expecting to see highly dramatic contest between host team and eightfold Europe champions. In fact, Germans have showed a spectacular performance on their last match, also known as semi-finals of Euro 2022, against France in Milton Keynes. For a long time the match was passing with the count 1:1, which kept the intrigue among viewers through the game. Nevertheless, German striker Alexandra Popp scored second decisive goal in the penalty kick with help of Svenja Huth’s pass. As a result, Popp set a record on her first Europe Championships and the moral of the team increased considerably.  

The attitude of England concerning the final

Speaking about English league, it is equally confident in itself after outplaying Sweden, who was predicted as a potential candidate to pass to finals, with the count 4:0 at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane. In addition, we should not underestimate the support coming from the side of English, being a majority of fans attending the tournament. Spirit of England’s team is also enhanced thanks to them and to the familiar arena, where they are going to play.

On what extent are two sides ready for the deciding match?

For the moment both team are preparing for the game on Sunday alongside with analyzing their and opponent’s previous matches, strategies, weak and strong points. Team Coach of German league Martina Voss-Tecklenburg shares her excitement and pride towards club members as far as she admits that it was a risky move to shoot from the penalty area, but it was definitely worthwhile. Thus, Germans plan to win their 9th Europe Championships. 

English players like Stephen Warnock, Alex Scott and Fara Williams are also astonished by the German performance, and therefore recognize the importance of training hard before the moment of truth. 



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