The Ultimate Yellow in Spanish Checklist.

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What is yellow in spanish?

Here is the ultimate yellow in Spanish checklist:

  1. “Amarillo” — The color of an egg yolk or a cicada’s shell.
  2. “Anaranjado” — The color of a traffic light just before it turns green.
  3. “Arcoíris” — The colors of the rainbow displayed together, especially in the sky when rain is imminent; an arc-shaped cluster of clouds; (literally) ‘rainbow’.
  4. “Bronceado” — To become bronzed by exposure to the sun; (literally) ‘to give oneself a tan’.
  5. “Canario” — A bright yellow South American finch.
  6. “Celeste” — Any of various shades of light green or blue. “Churro” — The color of a fried pastry, especially when served hot and sprinkled with sugar; (literally) ‘a churro’.
  7. “Citrico” — The color of the edible rind of citrus fruits; (literally) ‘citrus-colored’. “Clorofila” — The green pigment in plants and some bacteria which they use to convert sunlight into energy; (literally) ‘chlorophyll’.
  8. “Color plomo” — A very dark, dull green color; (literally) ‘lead-colored’.

What is the use of yellow in spanish?

Yellow is an important color in spanish language. Some commonly used words which have yellow as part of their definition are:
“amarillo” = egg yolk
“aranjado” = traffic light just before it turns green
“arcoíris” = rainbow in the sky, rain is imminent (literally “rainbow”)
“bronceado” = to become bronzed by exposure to the sun. The word for yellow comes from a Latin name for the flower calendula. In fact, since you can also find it outside of Spain, it’s also called “calendula.” Calendula is a plant that grows in many Mediterranean countries, including Spain and Italy.

What make it so unique?

The fact that yellow in spanish is a color found in nature makes yellow such a strong appeal. The fact that it’s so common, yet still so beautiful and meaningful, makes yellow the color of gold. In spanish, there is nothing more valuable than gold.

In this section you will find various definitions of the word “yellow”. I suggest that you study them all and compare them with what you already know about this subject. This will help you understand the main features of this color and how someone can use it in their life. After reading the definitions try to identify some words or expressions which have the word “yellow” in their vocabulary.

Why do people use so much yellow in spanish?

The word yellow is related to other words, such as “day”, “light”, or “sun”. It is not a surprise, then, that yellow was used so much in spanish to describe things that are connected with these three ideas.

What are the main characteristics of the word yellow?

In English, the word yellow has several meanings. However in Spanish language the word yellow is often used to describe something that is connected with “light” or “day”. And not only light or day, but also other things that have light as their main characteristic, such as: clear skies, a new day, fire and (of course) sun.

What are some examples of a strong use of yellow?

Yellow can be found everywhere. Consider some examples: a traffic light; the sun; the leaves of certain trees; a piece of paper that you are writing on or even your computer screen.

Why is yellow so common in spanish?

It is no wonder that yellow has become such a generally accepted color in spanish. As you know, we have three words for the word “day”: día, día y día. The first one corresponds to the sky (everything that is blue), and the second one has a meaning similar to “light” with maybe some subtle differences and the last one means “sun”. Yellow can be seen in many places where these three words are used. This makes it very common in spanish language.

What are some reactions about yellow?

Because it is such an important color, people have many reactions when they see it. Yellow captures the attention of many people. It has been considered a good color and a bad one. People associate it with sunlight, happiness, and hope but also with envy and jealousy.

In spanish we don’t have many expressions related to the color yellow except for its name which comes from Latin: “calendula”. Here is a list of some other words that you can use when describing what yellow means to you:

  • “It’s like gold.” — A good example is the sun since it generates light in the world but doesn’t need light to exist. This is why it is like gold since gold does not rust or deteriorate at all.


Yellow is the color that represents the best aspects of human nature. It represents light and joy. It’s a strong color in spanish language and is used in various contexts when describing things related with light or happiness. The Color Yellow is described as “an intense yellow”. Olive shades of yellow are commonly called gold, while light shades of this color are gray, green or even blue. In end-use applications, orange shades are most often called yellow.


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