5 Best Ways to Drink Hibiki the Japanese Way


Without a doubt, drinking whisky the Japanese way makes it more enjoyable and graceful. This far East’s way of taking these drinks has crept into the better part of the world, and traditional restaurants and liquors are reaping big. One tasty whisky, the Hibiki, is driving people head over heels, so it’d be ideal for you to take a sip. But how do you infuse the Japanese vibe as you steadily wash it down? Here are the exciting ways to drink Hibiki the Japanese way.

1. Keep It Subtle but Straightforward

Please don’t overthink it or, perhaps, overcomplicate things. Instead, take a deep breath, prepare your glass, and pour your Hibiki. Please resist the pressure of spiking it with your effervescent sodas or juices. But, keep it simple. Hibiki has unique floral notes and fruity touches, and maybe topping it up with a mixer might up the taste to your liking. Nonetheless, this drink is excellent alone, and you’re sure to invoke the Japanese vibes.

2. Garnish Your Glassware

Of course, the Japanese don’t overcomplicate things. They love their whiskeys poured in and drunk quite simply. But, a little garnish adds a poke, and the choice of glassware colors the mood. Here’s a teaser: go for a naturally engineered aroma technology (NEAT) glass, or perhaps, the Copita or highballs. For a fresh Hibiki, you can visit https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/brand/hibiki. And once you have it firmly in your hand, pour it down, and adorn it with edible flowers before leaning back and sipping.

3. Lowballs are Bliss When on the Rocks

Lowballs are simple and non-complicated, and the drink is best paired with an icing topping and perhaps, a mixer. Maybe an apple cider can accentuate your Hibiki treat. But, since virtually every mixer drink is fine for the whisky, you don’t have much to ponder. You may add water for a “Mazuwari” or do it without the ice, stirring it minimally. Nevertheless, it won’t bite if you take your lowball Hibiki while chilled.

4. No Rush

Hibiki tastes better when everything around you moves steady – including the time. So, it’d be best if you didn’t rush but take your sips quite steadily and leisurely. There’s no need to binge-watch because the Japanese won’t waste such a moment more for the eyes than the senses. Instead, find somewhere cool, stare into the day and sip slowly.

5. Pair It with Japanese Food

The Hibiki pairs perfectly well with Japanese food. So if you’re hungry, please fill your tummy with the Japanese savor seafood or meats with earthy flavors. But for Hibiki, smokey types are usually best. Some sushi might add some leisure, but a sided Yakiniku or Soba will be fine. Remember to keep the Hibiki seeps more frequent to combine the flavors and experience an explosion of tastes.


Hibiki is a renowned Japanese whiskey driving people head over heels, and rightly so. The drink has all it takes to grace your senses and make your leisure worth your while. But, it gets better if you understand how to best take them the Japanese way for maximum enjoyment.


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