What Does 3 Mean on Social Media?

Social Media

Social media refers to a group of websites and software programs that emphasize interaction, sharing of material, collaboration, and community-based feedback. People use social media to connect and communicate with their friends, family, and other communities. Businesses use social media platforms to market and promote their products and track customer concerns. Therefore, you can use YoutubeStorm, which is specialized in improving your video rankings and channel growth. The rise of internet communication over the past ten years has had effects beyond simply replacing landlines with cell phones. 

Additionally, it has altered how we interact, including the information we share about ourselves. Social media can convey to audiences what should matter to them emotionally and how they should react emotionally to stimuli or events. So here in this article, we will focus <3 meaning on social media. So let’s get started! 

What does the <3 mean on social media?

The emoticon “<3” indicates I Love You or “Love.” The emoticon used to express “love” or “I love you” is made up of the characters and 3 (which together stand for “less than three”). This adorable sign is most frequently used when texting, tweeting, or publishing to convey romantic relationships, friendships, or passions. A <3 can be used in place of the word “love” or to express affection for someone or something. “Chocolate chip cookies can make any day better <3”, “I <3 New York City!”, “His red carpet look took my breath away!” Can he be any finer? <3″ in this way, a <3 used in social media. There are many different ways to text with the number 3, such as: Cool, Thinking, Smile, Sad, Tongu, Wink, Big smile, Kiss, Heart, Very happy, Curly lip, Geek, Confused, and Robot.

Why is a heart a sign of love?

Why is the heart viewed as a universal symbol of love? The Greek philosopher Plato, who was born in 424 BCE, was one of the first to claim that our deepest feelings, such as love, are connected to the heart. He likely made these discoveries after seeing our hearts beat in time with many emotions, including love, fear, hatred, anger, and pain. Plato’s observation was built upon by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who postulated that all human activities, not just emotions, were governed by the heart. Since then, we have kept connecting love to our hearts.

The Reason a Heart Is “Heart-Shaped”

Your biology classes will have taught you that a human heart is not shaped like a heart. But everyone agrees that the traditional heart shape is what a heart looks like. It is difficult to pinpoint where the heart first appeared. There are three predominant hypotheses:

  • Theory -1: The heart’s shape is derived from the fidelity-related ivy leaf shape.
  • Theory -2: The form of the buttocks and breasts influences the shape of the heart.
  • Theory -3: The silphium plant, or gigantic fennel, which the ancient Greeks and Romans used as an early form of birth control, is where the heart shape originates. (The seed pod of Silphium has a heart form)

Slang or Abbreviations With The Same Meaning are used in social media

  • LYM – Love You Much
  • MLAR – Much Love and Respect
  • MMFCL – Much Mother Fucking Wicked Clown Love
  • LYSM – Love You So Much
  • LYSMB – Love You So Much Baby
  • LUSM – Love You So Much
  • LGLP – Love God Love People
  • MCL – Much Clown Love
  • ML – Much Love
  • MKL – Much Klown Love
  • TML – Too Much Love
  • MTM – Much Too Much
  • MJL – Much Juggalo Love
  • LGLT – Love Gives Love Takes
  • LSLM – Love and Sons Love Mine
  • Luvuvm – love you very much
  • LYSFM – Love You So Fucking Much
  • SML – So Much Love
  • LUVM – Love You Very Much
  • MFL – Much Family Love


Social media is a very useful tool for us in the twenty-first century; it may allow us to enhance our lives and express our emotions. You can use it to know lot of information and entertainment news. As a result, our lives have become more convenient. But we must be mindful of how we employ them. Social media will be a good change for us if we use it wisely.


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