5 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram


Social media marketing is becoming highly essential for small businesses to market their goods and services. About 77% of the 300 social media marketers that HubSpot surveyed in November 2021 stated that social media marketing was an effective business tactic for them that year. 

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1. Make Commercials With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are the most popular way to grow a presence on the platform. The best length for reels is 5 to 20 seconds long. Use trending audio to show something cool about your industry’s niche.

Another way to spread the word about your business is by doing a 30-second informational snippet about a new product you are launching or explaining how one of your products or services works. 

2. Utilize Hashtags

When you do a standard post or put up a reel, hashtags are the most important component for attracting people to watch and read your content. When you type the hashtags into the description area, it will tell you how many posts or reels already have the hashtag in their description. The more posts that mention the hashtag, the better it will be to utilize to reach your target audience. 

3. Get Creative

Think from the perspective of your customers and loyal followers. What type of content would you want to witness from your niche? Ask yourself what is being most talked about in your industry and create content around it. 

Explore audios when you are ready to create a reel. While a reel with trending audio may get more noticed by quantity, pick the audio or song that speaks to you the most about that reel’s theme. 

4. Post Polls In Your Instagram Stories

If you are having trouble creating posts and reels, go to your Instagram stories section and post a poll. The poll can ask clients what subject they want to hear about in the next post or reel you will publish. 

Collecting data from your followers can help you create more useful content that they will want to see. Consider posting one poll a week to reinforce engagement with your followers and discover what they are looking for in your content. 

5. Post Promotions

If you have a sales promotion going on, put up a post about it. Have a catchy cover photo for the post and provide a few additional images for people to see the products you are selling at a discount. Then, make a corresponding reel about the promotion so that your followers can see the benefits of why they need to take advantage of the sale by watching a video instead of just reading a post. 

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is subjective when it comes to the content you post. However, it is objective in abiding by the best post times, utilizing the proper hashtags, and consistently responding to followers to keep them engaged.


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