The Ultimate Yellow Heart on Snapchat Checklist.

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What is yellow heart on snapchat?

Yellow heart on snapchat is the icon that shows you which people are online and available to chat with. Yellow heart is always active, even if you’re offline or have your phone in airplane mode. If the yellow heart icon disappears from someone’s screen name when they aren’t available to chat, then they have blocked you from sending messages.

Snapchat does not allow messages from users whose accounts have been blocked – this includes messages sent in conversations with a person who blocked their account, as well as any new messages sent to prospects who have never spoken to them before.

How to find the yellow heart on snapchat?

Heart appears as an active circle when someone is using Snapchat and can be seen in red at the bottom of their profile. The colors may differ from individual to individual, but in general the colors are this: purple for iPhone users, blue for android users and green for Windows phone users. The colors for each platform will vary (e.g., purple is used on Apple’s new iPhone 6S). Yellow is used on Snapchat for all platforms regardless of smartphone type.

Why is yellow heart on snapchat so famous and what does it mean?

Snapchats is a famous messaging app that allows the users to share images or videos. One of its most unique features is the yellow heart which appears on a person’s profile when they are online. That person can then be contacted for stories and selfies. Yellow heart means that the user is online and may accept your message. It doesn’t mean that they want to talk, since they may be at work, asleep or just not interested in talking with you! If they don’t respond well to your initial message, try again later or move on.

Why is it so unique?

Yellow heart has unique characteristics, it shows you how many friends you have online. And it is one of the most important indicators in the app which helps you to know who is your close friend and who is not! The Yellow Heart is only available for Snapchat users with 4 or more friends. It appears at the bottom of your friends list and looks like a small yellow emoji. It starts out with a 3-dot symbol, but there are two ways to get a four dots symbol on Snapchat. Add each other as “best friends” and send each other snaps.

What are the features?

Green dot icon means that the user is online and active on Snapchat. Yellow heart means that the user is online and available to chat with you. Also Yellow Heart with 3 dots mean that the user is not available to chat at this moment, but they were active on Snapchat recently. Yellow heart with 4 dots mean that the person has been inactive for a while more than 30 minutes and they will be disconnected on snapchat if they become inactive again.


Snapchat is a popular social networking app that has many unique characteristics. These include the yellow heart, which signifies whether or not someone is online and available to chat with you.
Yellow heart on snapchat can only appear in certain situations:
1) If a user has fewer than 4 friends, it will not appear on their profile.
2) If a user has between 4 and 14 friends, they will get a 3 dots avatar.
3) If a user has more than 15 friends, they will get the 4 dots avatar. Use the Snapchat codes with your friends. It’s an app where everyone uses it and everyone loves it! Do not be rude to anyone on Snapchat.


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