The Colorful History of Yellow Heart Snapchat.

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What is yellow heart snapchat?

This article discusses the history of yellow heart snapchat and how it is a rare sight nowadays. The often-used Snapchat filter that appears as a yellow heart with a black outline is one that very few people actually use nowadays, and for good reason! The yellow heart was first introduced in an update to Snapchat back in 2014, and it has been replaced with other filters such as the purple raindrops or the rainbow. This article discusses what people would say when they saw this filter as well as reasons why they believe it is not as popular anymore. It also talks about celebrities like Kim Kardashian West who used the filter years ago but now rarely uses it at all.

Why do we use yellow heart snapchat?

While the yellow heart filter is used very sparsely nowadays, there is a reason why it was so popular years ago. It was introduced to Snapchat in an update back in 2014, and many people were excited to give it a shot when they first saw it. The problem with the filter is that it has too many yellow outlines and focuses too much on the golden color of the heart rather than making it seem like you are looking at a real heart. Because of this, people rarely want to use this filter anymore and use other filters that focus more on what they want to showcase.

What makes it so unique?

The yellow heart is a Snapchat filter that no other filter has that has a heart that is so yellow and focuses on the gold aspect of it. There are other Snapchat filters such as purple raindrops that show little hearts, but there are not many filters that put the focus on the color yellow. Because of this, people were excited to use it and try it out, but when they did, they were not very pleased with what they saw. Instead of a real heart being in the center of the image, there was a massive golden heart instead. This made many think twice before using it again.

What are the benefits of yellow heart snapchat?

The yellow heart Snapchat filter was added to Snapchat in an update on August 23, 2014. Shortly after it was revealed, many people were excited to give it a shot and see what they would see. The only problem with the filter is that it just made the image look like gold in some way rather than showcasing a real heart. This made many people think twice about using it again. There is also another reason why people are not using this filter anymore: There are so many other Snapchat filters that can do this instead of relying on the yellow heart. When given a chance to use the yellow heart Snapchat filter, users can change up their selfie with a unique flair.

What are the pros ?

The only benefit of using the yellow heart Snapchat filter. Is that it made the image look like a golden heart when it did not need to be. The filter focuses on the yellow color rather than making it look like a real heart. So this makes many think twice in general whether or not they should use this filter. Because of how rare it is to use nowadays, there are not many benefits to using it anymore.

When did celebrities use this?

One of the most known celebrities who used the yellow heart Snapchat filter was Kim Kardashian West. Before she retired from Snapchat and Instagram filters altogether. She has been seen in several videos and posts with her yellow heart filters. That she uses frequently on her private account rather than her official one. One of the most recent videos that she was in and was using this filter can be seen below.

Is it okay to use still?

When people think of using yellow heart Snapchat filters. They may think that if they do not like what they see. Then it is okay for them to skip it. However, this is not the case because this filter is still used by many people. This means that even if you do not like how the image look. You should use it anyways so that your account does not look boring. If you decide not to use the yellow heart Snapchat filter. Then you might as well just stick with the original one because there are so many other filters out there. Who have a great reputation in terms of quality.


The yellow heart Snapchat filter is a very interesting one that was once commonly used by many people. But it has since been replaced with other filters that focus more on the golden aspect of the image. Because of this, it is rare to see people using this filter. When they do, they are not very pleased with it. Due to how over-the-top and gold the yellow heart actually looks. It is also hard to use because there are so many other Snapchat filters out there. Who are much better than this one. The most important thing about this filter though is that even though so many people have stopped using it. Nowadays, there are still those who do occasionally use it.


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